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Home Inspections:
At T-Volt Electric, we can provide a thorough electrical code inspection. We will go through the electrical system and devices in your home to insure that your total electrical system is devices up to today’s electrical code requirements. If we find something that is currently not up to code we can upgrade or repair the problem while on the job site. We will go through your electrical service panel to check for proper connections. Our professional electricians will also check your internal breaker panel to check for proper breaker size and usage.

If our qualified electrician finds something not currently following electrical code, you will be informed. It is advised to upgrade any code violations, to insure that any electrical inspections will pass and be approved. In the future, if electrical systems are not up to code then, in most cases, the electrical inspection will not get approval. Electrical codes are in place to insure life safety in your home; any codes generally are in place to promote proper electrical system operation and prevention of electrical fires and insure life safety.


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